Sakai Implementation: Planning

Wende Morgaine

Originally uploaded by karendothunt.

Implementation plan session. The picture is of Wende Morgaine of Portland State.

Look at your campus culture – think of a story of something that has changed on campus, what are the “continua of change”. Examples, grass roots versus top down.

Then what are your compensation strategies. Compensate for what’s stopping the change.

Trojan horse – eg. bringing in OSP for one program, and start using Sakai for something else.

Ideas – using OSP for student advising, student orientation

Who needs to be on the implementation team?
IT resource someone who can translate from IT to people
marketing and communication
project manager?
sponsor? (someone from the top)
portfolio expert (if you’re going with OSP) (one is not enough)
how about someone responsible for faculty training?

IT issues

community source model, shift mind-set away from “it is someone else who is in charge of making it better”. There is no “they”.

won’t save you money
Bernard Golden (book) Succeeding with Open Source
project maturity (mature example, Apache webserver)
dealing with upgrades and data migration
speed of development

OSP – more important to take baby steps – get the architecture issues right to begin with.

If you’re going to contribute code – running to stand-still because the community is moving so fast.

One interesting thing about being in this room is finding yourself in a place with people that think like you. Phew, I’m not crazy.


About Karen Keiller

I am the University Librarian at Lakehead University.
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