Sakai Conference: Using CANS


University of Missouri-Columbia

Courses taught online with no f2f, School of Information and Learning Technologies.

Presentation Link

Issue – when you're online you don't know what students are experiencing. "reading" events versus "doing something". Feel a void between me and everyone else when they enter the system.

Existing notification systems – either overwhelming or super smart that crumbles under own weight.

Context-aware Activity Notification System – link between network based system, research tool

External notification. Widget? Email digest. Checks tools and tells you what has happened. Could be going to cell phone et cetera.

Can also receive notifications – eg feeds

Very cool.

Notification manager.

The future – a more social Sakai.

How does it work. Social Context – what are they doing. CANS on own server – communicates with Sakai – xml between the two. CANS captures events. Could work with anything opensource. Works outside of Sakai so doesn't impact Sakai. CANS maintains it's own event and notification data.

Yahoo Widgets but could be dashboard.

CANS is a research tool because it allows exploration and analysis of user actions.
Social Visualization – to create intuitive depictions of social information for social purposes (Judith Donath, MIT).

Mondrian – not open source, but it is free.

Showed the visualization of the data coming out of CANS using Mondrian – very interesting. 


About Karen Keiller

I am the University Librarian at Lakehead University.
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