Sakai Conference

Partnership of Indiana University and University of Michigan Libraries. Purpose is to integrate library resources with Sakai.

Lots of people in the room and I’m sure they’re not all librarians 🙂

Build Twin Peaks Navigator into a functional library database search and linking tool – use library federated search and link resolver tools to connect to multiple sources

Better integration of library content – involve librarians for creation of subject research guides by librarians and/or faculty  – particular to a course, list of recommended resources, databases, constrained search boxes.

Usage scenarios – from librarians, who cares about it. Instructor / Librarian / Student perspectives.

Not just the resources tool, but integrate with anything – eg, add citations to the wiki tool. (sorry iWeb doesn’t let me (as far as I can figure out) embed a feed)

Faculty Support Options for . . .

Panel: Foothill CC – one f/t trainer

Model for faculty training. Train the trainer, now have 9 faculty, have gone through the training and have taught with it one term. They are all faculty. Hold training every two weeks. “overload” – they enjoy it. Online training – two weeks long, goes through all the tools. 25 to 30 for each session. It is open to outsiders.

Some people like online, others prefer onsite training. Two full days – wasn’t working, informaiton overload. Split into 4 Fridays, they are attending (split 2 hours demo / 2 hours hands on) Group tools.

They use Sakai for the training.  When they sign up they get access to the training site and a “practice” site. For faculty that have “graduates” they become members of a user group site. Facilitators check daily. Set up forums for best practice in T&L.

Indiana University – large migration. Move 90,000 users from the old system to the new one (yikes). Given faculty option of opting out of Sakai. Faculty do things because they have a need. Also help faculty make choice of when to move. When they opt out – there’s a form – asks them why they opt out. Biggest reason is functionality. Opt out on the basis of bad information. 16 percent “did not want to change”. Hope to get faculty to the place where they see the need. Lots of mis-information out in the faculty. 1600 contacts with faculty about Sakai in the last year.

University of California

faculty not advanced around instructional technology
Pilot Sakai for 05/06.

Technical underpinnings of Sakaibrary


About Karen Keiller

I am the University Librarian at Lakehead University.
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