Project Sites

Project Sites

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Talked about the history of development of project sites at Michigan.

UMichigan analyzed logs for a year. Event Log analysis. Project sites can be created by any faculty, and students with permission. n = 2253

Use – resources – almost all
announcements – 39 percent
chat – not as much use
calendar – not used much

Some people use Project Sites as a file storage area. But sites that use more tools have more users. More sites are resources only.

File types – MS Word, more popular, (nothing scary – not using to share music)

Administrators, learning, research, clubs.

Portland – email archive, seeing more of the faculty learning groups (eg, everyone who teaches a certain course – adjuncts). Faculty searches – have been very popular. Committee work, curriculum review. OSP tools are also helpful.

Project sites – magic converters of WebCT lovers

At Michigan – any student can create a project site.

PSU – “lite” accounts for alumni, or prospective student. Ongoing access to portfolio site.


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I am the University Librarian at Lakehead University.
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