Flickr for a Library Tour

In a few hours I've created a "proof of concept" using Flickr to create a library tour.

View the Flickr badge on a page on our Library's web site.

Here's what I did:

  1. Ran around the library taking pictures
  2. Plugged my camera into my Powerbook and did a little editing in iPhoto
  3. Used 1001 to upload to a "library" account I created in Flickr. Here's where I made my big mistake. I should have uploaded them in reverse order. But more on that later. In 1001 I added "titles", but very few descriptions (I'll have to do that later in Flickr)
  4. I tagged all the photos (50) with "library tour" and also created a Flickr set.
  5. Created a Flickr Badge and pasted into the template for the page.

My concept is that staff will start taking pictures and upload to the "library" Flickr account so that the tour will start becoming less a "from beginning to end" kind of thing, to something more dynamic. Will students start making comments? So that's why I'm not worrying about the order of the pictures, although right now it does seem kind of goofy that the "tour" starts with a picture of the exit!


About Karen Keiller

I am the University Librarian at Lakehead University.
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