STLHE Conference: Paddling in Toronto


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On June 14 I attended a preconference of the STLHE Conference, “Exploring the University Ecosystem: Learner – Voyageurs in Research and Teaching”.

This was my first experience in “outdoor education”. We met in the morning on Harbourfront and got into two canoes (one you can see in the picture, and I was on the other one). We canoed to the Toronto islands, sat in our group on a beach and discussed how the research and teaching functions in a university can get along better.

How do you change an institution that doesn’t seem to value teaching and learning? One participant said “institutions are people”. Hmm. We sometimes think that institutions have a life of their own, but perhaps not.

Alan Wright (workshop organizer) said at the beginning of the day that we’d remember this experience past the time we will have forgotten other sessions held in traditional rooms. After a week, I’d say that he’s correct, especially given that I’ve lost my notes from the day 😉


About Karen Keiller

I am the University Librarian at Lakehead University.
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