Sharing a thank-you

In my mailbox today was a lovely thank-you letter from a professor in the English department. Makes it all worthwhile. Here’s a snippet:

“I don’t think I have properly told you how much I have appreciated your many visits to the classroom to talk to the students about the library. The friendly, reassuring way that you answer their questions gives them the confidence to tackle the challenges of research on their own. For many of them, you are their first contact with the library, and you always ensure that it’s a positive experience for them. This past year, especially, I was very impressed with the research work of the first-year class. Their ability to find and evaluate articles both on paper on the the web, was much above average for first-year, and I attribute this to their comfort-level with the library which they developed very early in the year through your tour and visits. I cold not properly introduce them to the library without your support.”

The course help for this class if you’re interested.


About Karen Keiller

I am the University Librarian at Lakehead University.
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