Summon Implementation at University of Manitoba

My colleague at the University of Manitoba has inspired me to tweet about the Summon implementation at the University of Manitoba Libraries. Tania Gottshalk is tweeting about  Electronic Health Records.

At the University of Manitoba Libraries we are just in the middle of implementing the Summon discover layer from Serials Solutions. We have our catalogue records loaded, connections to our journals and A&I databases that are “summonable” working. What’s not working yet is links to our catalogue and the proxy links are dodgy (more testing required!)

I’m working with SerSol (Serials Solutions, SS has nasty connotations) on usability testing, and this week we’ve completed tests with three students. My plan is to publish the results of the testing.

My past twittering has been from my personal life, which frankly, isn’t that exciting (but in case you’re wondering we won our curling game last night).

So if you’re wondering how the Summon implementation is going at UML, follow me.


About Karen Keiller

I am the University Librarian at Lakehead University.
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