IFLA in Finland 2012

I just got back from the IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations) 2012 in Helsinki, Finland. Since I was flying IcelandAir, I decided to tack on some vacation at the beginning of the trip and I spent 2 days in Reykjavik, Iceland. After the conference I made a quick trip (8 hours) to St. Petersburg, Russia.

In addition to attending the main congress, I attended the satellite meeting hosted at the University of Turku, Library’s Efficiency, Impact and Outcomes, photos from the satellite meeting have been posted.

You can see pictures from my trip on Flickr. That’s the link  to the “library” pictures, by the way.

Links to interesting things from the Conference on my Diigo Links,are tagged IFLA2012, and the twitter feed from the conference (warning, it got spammed), and my own twitter feed from the conference.

Brief Impressions / Ideas

Silent Disco – this was a poster from the main conference, I thought it might be an interesting and fun way to promote quiet in the Library. The idea is you invite people to wear wireless headsets and dance to the music no one can hear (unless you have the headphones).

University of Turku Library – went on a tour of the main library, where you can still see a working card catalog. There are five libraries in Finland that have legal deposit of everything PRINTED in Finland. So they have stacks and stacks of posters, et cetera. I even saw a menu! I did like some of the furniture.

Library Impact Data Project  JISC funding project looking to “was to see whether library usage data could be combined with other variables to build a model that might help predict student outcomes.”

Siva Vaidhyanathan – he spoke at a couple of sessions, author of the Googlization of Everything. He’s convinced me that we shouldn’t be so passive about letting companies fulfill the “library” and university missions. Corporations come and go, Universities have a longer track record. He’s a great speaker.

Copyright and Privacy – lots of people thinking carefully about these issues. It is good to have that as an international perspective.

IFLA Code of Ethics – just adopted, can be used by others library organizations.

Knotworking – really like this concept, the idea is kind of like teams / embedded librarians. The “knot” is the idea that these groups should come together, loosely, and be “untied” when finished. Link to academic paper. And the name catches people attention, how can you be against knotworking 🙂

Berlin10 conference will be in South Africa this year, http://www.berlin10.org/, at Stellenbosch University.

University of Rochester, once again impressed by their work on anthrolib

National Library of Scotland – nice example of a strategic plan.

Edgeless University – UK call of action to change HE.

Went to a session that introduced a term to me, Post Occupancy Evaluation, I’ve bookmarked some stuff in Diigo about that.

Libqual – University of Missouri Kansas City, nice libguide on on libqual

DigitalNZ – I was very impressed. All open source.

There was much more! Overall I was very impressed with the IFLA conference this year, the program was the best I have experienced (this was my 4th IFLA). Comments or questions, please let me know!


About Karen Keiller

I am the University Librarian at Lakehead University.
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  1. I can’t believe I forgot to mention the coolest chairs from a company in Finland, http://www.studioanttie.fi/eng/phone_box.html, the Space of Silence Furniture, very very cool!

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