Master of your Own Technological Destiny

A few years ago, maybe I read or heard  it somewhere else, a question popped into my head “Do you want to be master of your own technological destiny”. If the answer is yes, then the solution is open source. I was reminded of this when I opened up an email today from D2L, who supplies our course management solution.

Subject: Root Cause Analysis for SaaS event January 29, 2013

To the credit of D2L they have done a really good job of communication and damage control, in my opinion. And since we signed up for a 10 year contract (not my decision) there’s not a lot of point of second guessing the vendor-hosted decision. But the email reminded me that we’re really not in control of our technological destiny. All the joy and creative energy that could be harnessed locally is shipped out of province in the form of an annual maintenance contract. On the other hand they are holding the bag for the problems.


About Karen Keiller

I am the University Librarian at Lakehead University.
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One Response to Master of your Own Technological Destiny

  1. mleggott says:

    Ouch. A 10 year contract sounds like a life sentence in the IT world. I wonder how many of those they managed to wrangle from the wider community? I hear you re loss of control of your technological destiny – my institution uses open source for almost everything and I wouldn’t change that for any alternative. Not only does it mean you have control, but the ability to bring creative solutions to the table is also a critical feature of the open source approach.

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