Zotero Workshop

At UNBSJ we run a workshop series for faculty and staff . This week I’ll be doing a workshop on Zotero. Several years ago I attended the Zotero Evangelists training on the University of Washington campus, and have been a quiet evangelist since. I don’t get to use Zotero very much anymore, but for my recent presentation on Cognitive Dissonance I dipped back in. Wow! Things have improved. I’m still rusty for sure, but here are my notes for the workshop.


  • A cloud-based storage for bibliographic data and pdfs
  • Free, open source

Getting Started

  1. Register for your free account on the zotero.org web site
  2. Decide if you’re going to use Firefox (recommended), and install Firefox
  3. Install  Zotero for Firefox 
  4. Login to the Zotero plugin (that’s the step I usually forget). Here’s more information about that from Washington State University LibGuide
  5. If you’re planning on using Word along with Zotero to create bibliographies, install the Word plugin


  • At the moment there seems to be two choice for the IOS, ZotPad and PaperShip.  PaperShip allows you to annotate PDFs, which is very handy!

Learning More

  • There are tons of tutorials and guides on the Zotero web site, check under the Documentation tab

About Karen Keiller

I am the University Librarian at Lakehead University.
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